1. You have created a financial report for Northglenn Fitness Club. The stakeholders of the club want you to publish this report on the web. You are worried that the report's format will appear differently when it is exported to the web. Which tool enables you to view how the report will look when published on the web?

A. Field Explorer
B. Formatting toolbar
C. Preview area
D. Workbench

2. Jane is a Human Resources manager and wants to adopt a structured approach to designing a report based on the staff turnover in the last five years. Jane has manipulated the data in her report so that it is presented in a clear and readable manner. Determine Jane's next step.

A. Decide what data to use
B. Design a paper prototype
C. Outline the identification information
D. Determine the purpose of her report

3. Brian is a production manager in a large company and has to create monthly production cost reports. Brian always adopts a structured approach to designing his reports. He has decided what information to put in this month's report. Determine what step Brian should take next.

A. Decide on the data to be used
B. Define the objectives of his report
C. Design a paper prototype
D. Define the layout

4. Identify the new enhanced productivity and maintenance features to Crystal Reports XI. Choose more than one option.

A.Dependency Checker
B.Dynamic Cascading Prompts
C.HTML Preview
D.Updated Visual Report Designer

5. You want to create a report displaying several pieces of information about Northglenn Fitness Club's training staff and members. You want to be able to view this information in several different ways in real-time. Which report creation wizard should you use?

A. Cross-Tab
B. Mailing Label
C. OLAP cube
D. Standard

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