1. You are stuck in an airport. You have a series of mathematical calculations to run on your laptop. You find that the standard numeric keypad on the laptop is too cumbersome to work with. What can you do to simplify the task?

A. Toggle the Num Lock Function (Fn) keys on
B. Buy a portable keyboard at one of the shops
C. Borrow a keyboard from another passenger
D. Position your hands differently

2. As a PC reseller your company has sold 500 computers that are subsequently suspected of having defective motherboard chipset fans. Symptoms include non-booting, system crashes and video anomalies. The manufacturer has set up a simple replacement process for the defective fans. At first the customers were reporting the problem at a rate of one or two a week. Now it seems like every call is related to this issue. You are heading out to lunch when a call comes in regarding this problem. The customer begins to tell you about the constant beeping coming from the motherboard alarm and how they never have enough time to save their work between when they hear the beep and the system crashes. They tell you that this lost work is very frustrating for them. At what point do you offer them the solution?

A. When the customer is finished
B. When the customer is finished, or asks a question about the cause of the problem
C. When the customer mentions the alarm
D. The second you suspect that itís the fan
E. The second you suspect that itís the fan and the customer pauses to breathe

3. Select the file extension types that can be run from the command prompt in Windows XP? (Choose all that apply)


4. Your company provides 802.11b and 10/100 Ethernet network access in all conference rooms. The sales team has assembled in one of the conference rooms in order to prepare for a big presentation. They are working on laptops that have built in wired and wireless cards. They choose to use the wired Ethernet connections to take advantage of the increased speed. One of the userís connections seems to be much slower than the others. Of the choices given, which is the most likely to fix the slower connection?

A. Remove the wireless card
B. Update the drivers for the Ethernet card
C. Temporarily disable the wireless card
D. Replace Ethernet patch cable

5. Of the IEEE specifications listed below, which ones are capable of operating at 54Mbps? (Choose all that apply)


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