1. You have created a basic presentation introducing your company’s mission statement. Now you want to format the content. How can you do this?

A.Format selected text using the formatting commands in the paragraph group
B.Format the selected text using the formatting commands in the font group
C.Copy and paste formatted text from one slide to another in your presentation
D.Apply the “Apex” theme to the presentation once you’ve added all the text

2. How do you create a basic presentation?

A. Access the Slide Library and insert previously saved slides into the open presentation
B. Create a presentation based on the “Apex” theme
C. Add content to the introductory default slide in “Presentation”
D. Access the New Presentation dialog box and create a presentation based on the Blank Template

3. Once you’ve added content to the presentation, you want to save it. How do you do this?

A. Print and bind the presentation before storing it in the filing cabinet
B. Specify a save location on your computer, a file name, and file type for the presentation
C. Use Windows Explorer to copy the presentation from the save location and then paste it in the My Documents folder
D. Open another presentation from the slide library

4. You’re creating a presentation for the sales team of your company. You’ve already created a new presentation and now you want to add slides to the presentation. How can you add slides to the presentation?(Choose Multiple)

A. Duplicate the Title slide and customize the placeholders on the duplicate slides
B. Add a slide to the presentation from the New Slide gallery
C. Create a new presentation from the New Presentation dialog box based on an installed PowerPoint theme
D. Change the layout of the Title slide by applying a new layout from the Layout gallery
E. Access the Slide Library and add slides from previously saved presentations

5. What are the valid steps for performing a broad search to get help about text art online?

A. Perform a general search online by typing the search criteria and searching for it
B. Perform an online search in PowerPoint Help, enter the search criteria
C. Find an appropriate offline browse option that the query falls under and browse for it
D. Navigate through the searches you have performed before

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